Between the 19th and 20th centuries, amidst much indifference, the face of one of the most enchanting cities in Sicily took form. It was, and will always be, the duty of its people to preserve what will remain a precious gem in the world's heritage.
Modica, 'Moth Uc', city of many hills.

First there was the watch, now there is time...

We are proud of our family heritage which was created more than half a decade ago. At the beginning was just a watch repair shop; for a grand father Gaspare it was not a profession but an art, the predecessor of a family whose destiny was already decided: continuing a tradition.

The long evolvement and professional process carried out with joy by the family in their daily work led to new growth and expansion. In 1960 Mr Salvaore entered the jewellery market, first in Modica and then in Scicli.

corallo di Sciacca
As time went by passion and Knowledge grew togheter. His professional inheritance was taken over by his on Gaspare who established himself in a sector requiring high levels of professionalism.
In 1994, inspired by this passion, I openend my own business with my wife - a new jewellery shop in Modica " I Monili di Gaspare Aprile".
An exciting experience, said Gaspare and Concetta. Familiarity becomes knowledge and with experience, which i acquired over the years, it becomes art.

In the 2014 I Monili di Gaspare Aprile Jewelry thanks to his professionalism and experience in the world of watchmaking obtained Trusted Seller brand of the biggest e-commerce in the world's watch.
Trusted Seller brand qualifies reputable dealers.

In 2018 Gabriele Aprile, a graduate of the Milan CAPAC, opened the first specialist watchmaker's laboratory in Modica, offering the following services:

-  Complete maintenance service for quartz movement and automatic movement watches;

-  Battery, glass and strap-changing services;

-  Repair service and services for high quality watches.


Over the years the company has developed, thanks to our careful selection of innovative products and to our collaboration with the most important national and international companies.

As the years go by, passion merges with knowledge and it is thanks to this that the jewellery store is able to offer various exclusive services:

- A consultation service and the creation of the jewel in a way that reflects the customer's wishes.

- Selection of precious gemstones and settings in Italian gold.

- Gemstone analysis and valuation service using professional state-of-the-art technology and carried out by our IGI-qualified gemologist.

Our reletionship with us customers is based on respect for their needs, on an accurate interpretation of their wishes, on reciprocal trust and on a correct balance between quality and value.


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